About counselling

There are many different methods of counselling, all of which have merits. At Percent, we believe that the person centred apporach, as developed by Carl Rogers in the 1930’s and 40’s, can bring about long term healing and positive change in a person’s life.

Person Centred counselling is non-directive. The counsellor will not give advice or tell the client what he or she should do. Every person is unique and the counsellor will work with the client to enable him or her to make contact with their own inner resources and to grow so as to reach their own potential as human beings.

It is the counsellor’s role to provide the right conditions for growth through the counselling relationship and to enable the client to grow and recover from past hurts.

Person centred counselling accepts the client without conditions, is open, honest and

real (transparent), and seeks to feel what the client is feeling (empathy).

Person centred counselling is not time limited but finishes when the client feels that the time is right.

Other forms of therapy are also offered such as cognitive behaviour therapy and solution focussed therapy

Issues dealt with include:

Abuse, anxiety, depression, stress, spiritual crisis, anger, relationship issues, addictions.

For more information about counselling go to www.bacp.co.uk