Dealing with worry

Dealing with worry (or why worry)

We waste time and energy worrying, going over the ‘what if’s’ and different scenarios. Yet does this actually change anything?

Remember, worry cannot change anything on a practical level (unless you have super powers!) So why worry? The only thing it changes is you- more tired and anxious. Try to consider positive action plans and then ‘put it to bed’

1) Focus on positive outcomes not negative ‘what if’s’. Stop weighing bad outcomes over good outcomes.
Stop the ‘catastrophe thinking’

2) Practice mindfulness (see dealing with anxiety)

3) Use distractions to get of the ‘worry wheel’. Go out, watch TV, talk to a friend, do a puzzle or
jigsaw etc.

4) Evict the inner critic. Don’t listen to negative and critical self talk.

5) Avoid isolation.

6) Write your worries down/journal

7) Get a good night’s sleep. Do the above, no caffeine a few hours before bed, read a book for 10
minutes in bed, use breathing techniques etc. Drink herbal tea eg camomile

8) Get outdoors- connect with nature, enjoy it.

9) Exercise if possible.
10) Tell yourself to STOP WORRYING